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CNdV Africa is a multi-disciplinary practice committed to excellence in the fields of urban design, environmental planning. The practice, formed in 1988, has a 28 year track record.

We are considered specialists in the fields of multi-disciplinary planning, embracing a full range of planning expertise such as:
  • urban design
  • metropolitan and environmental planning
  • urban, regional & structure planning
  • coastal & resort planning
  • site planning and township layout
  • rezonings, departures and development control
  • housing and housing policy research
  • project co-ordination and facilitation           
  • project feasibility studies
  • urban and environmental conservation
  • visual impact assessment
  • resource management
  • city management policy research
The practice functions on a project basis.  Teams are assembled and senior professional staff play a direct and active role in all projects. We work with a number of other consultants who provide additional specialist advice if required, including:
  • Development and Property Economists
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Geotechnical and Geological Engineers
  • Coastal & Environmental Engineers
  • Architects
  • Land Surveyors
  • Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

The type of work carried out by the practice ranges from the strategic to the local, from the multi-disciplinary to the specialist, and comprises applied research, planning appraisal and policy formulation, feasibility assessment, design and implementation.
The practice is fully computerised with a number of applications including various word processing, graphic design, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and CAD and GIS which is run by an experienced cartographer/computer specialist.
We have firmly adopted the principles of affirmative action in our recruitment, staff training and education, and appointment of associated consultants.